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The Gender Equity Iceberg

Gender equality and sexual harassment are largely addressed separately within most enterprises: Harassment training is largely viewed as a compliance and risk mitigation effort designed to protect the organization, while gender and diversity programs are implemented to attract, retain and advance women in leadership. According to current research, less than a third of HR managers believe that gender equity is a strategic business priority. Until now, there has been no predicted “critical failure” threat necessitating that diversity initiatives be successful. The reality of #MeToo consequences, coupled with a tight labor market, are creating a looming critical failure scenario: programs, policies and initiatives that used to be considered nice-to-have, will soon become—if they are not already—critical business strategy. This strategy must be grounded in addressing workplace cultural behaviors and practices at odds with engagement trends in addition to mitigating legal risk.

The Gender Equity Iceberg program enables HR & Operations leaders to integrate harassment and gender strategy by learning how the issues are inseparable, and how to identify high leverage points for organizational change.

Program outcomes:

  • Understand the systemic complexity of the gender gap issue in organizational leadership and be able to identify key “leverage points” for driving organizational change.
  • Develop and be able to conduct an internal gender equity “audit” to identify opportunities and obstacles to reducing the gender gap in leadership ranks.
  • Innovate and develop ways to address gender inequity and sexual harassment without creating animosity or polarization between the genders (and across the gender continuum), but instead build a culture of gender alliance.
  • Be able to negotiate solutions that support the often different, but mutually dependent self-interests of enterprise return on career investments and employee returns on their personal career assets. 
  • Envision talent management from a supply chain perspective in order for the enterprise to maximize return on the investments made to develop emerging female leaders.

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