Optimize the Return on your Career Investment

Return on Career Investments

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Current programs to develop female leadership often provide standard leadership development content sprinkled with advice to women on mastering a workplace environment that is quickly disappearing. The worst of these programs train women to model traditional male behavior and create consequences when women are punished either overtly or subtly for being too assertive and breaking traditional gender norms. Equally unhelpful are leadership programs which encourage women to simply “lean in,” suggesting that ambition and confidence are larger barriers to success than the cultural brick wall they are trying to lean into.

Program outcomes:

  • Learn about and manage the barriers to work-life integration
  • Learn how to navigate the “gender partition” that can prevent women from securing mentors and advocates in positions to influence career opportunities and build effective networks.
  • Learn how to manage your career as an asset, shifting investment over your career lifecycle to maximize returns.
  • Create an experience map to identify career path options.
  • Create a robust development plan that ensures your career asset will maintain and increase in value.
  • Learn how to navigate the cultural barriers of gender bias, harassment and identify workplace policies and processes that reinforce barriers to advancement and career development