Breaking Barriers to Gender Equity.

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Our Focus

Next Gen Talent

Careers are assets that grow over time.  Becoming aware of barriers to career growth can be the first act in building bridges over them.

Investing & Developing Careers

Talent Development is implemented to increase returns on investments. Integrating 4 domains of competence (IQ, EQ, AQ & CQ) to optimize career development.

Gender & Diversity

Enabling leaders to Integrate harassment and gender strategy by learning how the issues are inseparable, and how to identify high leverage points for organizational change.

Designing a Culture of Gender Equity

Organizations currently deconstruct gender issues into 2 buckets: harassment and increasing diversity demographics. These gender challenges are largely addressed separately and independently: Sexual harassment is addressed from the perspective of mitigating legal risk, and talent pipeline efforts are addressed often as diversity initiatives. Harassment training is often presented uniformly across the organizational structure, with the same focus on laws and compliance, from front line workers up through executive ranks. Gender equity and diversity strategies focus on increased hiring, implementing mentoring programs or establishing employee affinity and interest groups. Rarely are gender issues treated as a “whole” – with harassment and discrimination seen as the visible, and actionable tip of the iceberg that is significantly driven by the stronger, but hidden undercurrent of culture and mindsets under the surface. By disconnecting harassment and discrimination from gender diversity initiatives, cultural norms remain embedded in environments allowing harassment to persist, creating stubborn blockages in the talent pipeline.

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Brand our Infographics

Clients have asked to license our Iceberg Infographic for their internal communication purposes.  We are delighted to provide your enterprise with a customized version.  Customization can reflect general or targeted populations in your D&I efforts. We also offer accompanying curriculum for inclusion in your diversity training programs. 

HR Train the Trainers Events

HR Staff are on the front line of responsibility to create cultures of inclusion. Our Train the Trainer programs are designed to differentiate HR gender and diversity deliverables - ensuring programs meet mandated requirements and radically changing the way inclusive and harassment-free workplace behaviors are learned and put into practice. 

Executive Overview Session

Until now, there has been no predicted “critical failure” threat necessitating that diversity initiatives be successful. The reality of #MeToo consequences, coupled with a tight labor market, are creating a looming critical failure scenario: programs, policies and initiatives that used to be considered nice-to-have, will soon become—if they are not already—critical business strategy. This strategy must be grounded in addressing workplace cultural behaviors and practices at odds with engagement trends in addition to mitigating legal risk.

Advising: Individuals, Small Group, Leadership Programs

Organizations must target their sub-cultures with specialized, focused, and relevant strategies for maximizing the value of diverse talent pools. Our coaching and consulting programs are co-designed to identify the highest leverage points for rapid achievement of diversity objectives. 

About Dimitry | Murphy & Associates

Sherryl Dimitry Ph.D. and Adrienne Murphy, MBA, Ph.D.

 Sherryl Dimitry, Ph.D.has successfully led talent pipeline development for 15 years in multi-billion dollar enterprises. She focuses on the complexity enterprises face in recruiting & retaining diverse talent. Adrienne Murphy, MBA,  served as  C-Suite executive for empowered start ups and established multi-billion dollar global supply chains. Her subsequent Ph.D  focused on the Psychology of College Educated Women and  implications of pull and push forces in their careers. 


Our expertise lies in our realistic understanding that current sexual harassment training, focused on compliance and legal risk mitigation only addresses the tip of the gender equity iceberg. When it comes to successful gender & diversity talent development moving beyond compliance is necessary.  We address the #MeToo tip of the iceberg and navigate the body of the iceberg that can sink ships. You've fought hard and are highly invested in retaining female and diverse talent, don't let hidden cultural behaviors drive them away. 

In a competitive and tight labor market, we ensure your organization creates a welcoming and high-performing environment for a next generation talent pool with non-negotiable values for work-life integration and inclusion.

A Talent Supply Chain Approach

CEOs can no longer  accept outcomes in the space of gender equity which would be completely unacceptable if the metric were cost containment, workflow efficiency, or new market penetration. We believe ongoing leaks in gender & diversity talent pools did not--until now--pose a critical failure threat to enterprises. #MeToo and #Enough changed that critical failure status. A responsive paradigm shift is to address talent pipelines as assets requiring management: with a complex caveat that talent is self-aware, necessitating a cooperative, mutually dependent approach to investment and development. 

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